Technology is an integral part of daily life and must be included as an integral part of the educational process. The technology vision impacts all users: students, teachers, administrators, support staff, parents and community. The use of new technologies continually creates unique environments where learning and creativity thrive. Technology can maximize resources, help us to be more productive, and provide access to key data in making good decisions.
Currently, a significant effort is focused on modernizing the district's data network, both wired and wireless, while continuing to support the district's accountability and communication requirements.
Some of the areas included in our responsibilities are:
  • County-wide area network management
  • Local area network services to all district schools and sites
  • Application and hardware support to all divisions and schools within the district
  • Student and staff mobile device management
  • County Internet connectivity
  • Applications supporting the student information, communications and business functions of the school district
  • Assessment and evaluation applications
  • Technology Training
  • Electronic access to information resources supporting instruction
  • Library automation applications
  • Video communications and production services
  • Closed Circuit Systems 

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Photographs by David Arnold and students from the Advanced Photography Program at Nevada Union High School