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Educational Resources a Teacher Might Find Useful!

CyberSmart! - Curriculum to empower students to use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively.

iCivics - A collection of games and lessons designed to teach how civics works. 

The Great Question Press - Squeezing Import from Content. Easily produce intriguing questions from the mass of curriculum content.

Virtual Field Trips - This site features over 6000 VR panoramas. It's the next best thing to being there. Requires QuickTime.

Education World - The Educator's Best Friend

- More Differentiated Instructional Resources

The Crossword Solver - A site that helps users expand their vocabulary by interacting with crosswords
Vocabulary - A site dedicated to learning words with a game that makes expanding your vocabulary fun and competitive.
Visual Dictionary - An interactive visual representation of the definition and associated words with any word you type in.