Q: I have been fingerprinted before; do I still need to be fingerprinted again?
A. Yes. You must be fingerprinted by the employing agency and/or certification agency (i.e. the Commission on Teacher Credentialing). It is against the law for agencies to share confidential fingerprinting results with each other. 
Q: How long does it take to get fingerprint clearance?
A: Clearance varies. Livescan results can take from 48 hours to a few weeks. However, sometimes the Department of Justice (DOJ) may issue a delay notification which allows the DOJ a 30 day period to process your fingerprints.
Q: How can I become a substitute teacher at the high schools?
A: The Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office maintains the "sub list" for all schools in the county (elementary, middle and high schools). If you are interested in subbing, contact the HR department at the County Schools Office at 478-6400, extension 202.
Q: I don't have a teaching credential, but I want to teach. I have a masters, is that enough?
A: No. You must have a current California teaching credential or permit to teach in a California public high school.
Q: What does it take to get an emergency permit?
A: There are a variety of different emergency permits and waivers. Contact the Commission on Teacher Credentiaing for more information or visit their website.
Q: I have a credential from another state. What should I do to teach at your district?
A: Contact the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. You may be able to obtain a preliminary California credential.
Q: I applied on-line through Ed-Join, but I don't have a scanner and couldn't submit my letters of recommendation or transcripts. What do I do?
A: You may submit everything you can on-line and mail the rest of your application to the Personnel Office at: Nevada Joint Union High School District, 11645 Ridge Road, Grass Valley, CA. 95945.

Photographs by David Arnold and students from the Advanced Photography Program at Nevada Union High School