Federal and state law, education code and board policy requires school districts to provide employees with certain annual notifications which may affect the terms and conditions of employment.  Each year staff will be notified by e-mail at the beginning of the school year to review the annual notifications below through the the on-line training program, Public School Works, so that your review can be documented.  Please note you should also review your site's student handbook related to student discipline.

If you have any questions or need clarification please contact the district office.

Stephanie O'Callaghan, 273-3351, x 3208 (email)

Attention All Teachers: The District is required under Article XVI, Section 16.5, to provide you will the following important information regarding student discipline.

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  • Family Medical Leave
        The Employment Development Department of the State of California coordinates the Family Medical Leave Act. Information can be found here. "Paid" family leave is only available to classified employees.

  • Workers' Compensation
        The district's workers' compensation program is provided through our JPA with Schools Insurance Group and is coordinated by AIMS.
        If you are injured on the job, contact the site administration office. For further information, contact the district office. 

Photographs by David Arnold and students from the Advanced Photography Program at Nevada Union High School