Nevada Joint Union High School District’s Student Board Member Position
Role of a Student Board Member:
Students of the Nevada Joint Union High School District will be electing a student to serve on the District Board for the 2024/25 school year. The role of a NJUHSD student Board member will be to enhance communication between the Board and the student body, and to encourage student involvement in district affairs. The student Board member will be given preferential voting rights meaning that they will cast their vote and state their opinion prior to the actual Board’s vote, but the student’s vote will not be a part of the numeric count. The student may also make motions that may be acted upon by the Board.
Candidate Information:
All candidates must be an enrolled student of the Nevada Joint Union High School District. The elected student will be expected to attend all of the 2024/25 open session Board meetings (all starting at 6:00pm). Meetings are regularly scheduled at Bear River, Nevada Union and other Nevada county locations. If the elected student misses three meetings consecutively, they will be removed from the Board of Trustees.  All candidates are required to complete the online application and submit a two minute campaign video. Submissions are due by May 3, 2024, 2:00pm.  Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be considered.  
Election Process:
Every school in the District will have one vote. Each school will have their own election (via Google Form) with all the candidates from the District. The candidate who receives a majority of the votes from a student body will receive that school’s one vote. Each school in the District will hold their election by May 24, 2023.
Future Elections:
Applications for 2025/26 school year will be held in May, 2025.
This is an excellent opportunity for any student who wants to make a difference for all high school students in Nevada County, gain experience on a public agency board, provide community service and learn how education is delivered in California.




"I would love to serve as the Student Board Representative to foster genuine connection and a more positive and welcoming culture amongst students. Before title, everyone is a human, which we should be able to highlight through our educational experience in our district. I would love to find new and creative ways that I can support the student body on all five campuses, listening to and encouraging everyone. I believe through my leadership roles in ASB, yearbook, various clubs, and my community outreach positions, I have become fully prepared to effectively lead and connect through the student representative role."


"Albert Einstein once said, "The only source of knowledge is experience." Serving as the Student Trustee this past year has shown me that his statement is completely true. Elected to serve my Junior year as the Student Trustee, I wasn't sure what my year of service would look like. However, through trial and error, I found effective ways to meet students where they were and bring their voices to the table, especially during discussions of students' wellbeing. Too often, as a student, I've felt like our stories were being told by adults with little to no knowledge of what actually goes on in our world. That is why I am running for Re-Election to the Board of Trustees. I know that the over 2,400 students in our district need a strong representative who will voice their needs as best as possible. I am asking you to continue to let me be that representative by voting Shaun Chilton, for the NJUHSD Board of Trustees."