Amelia Glaz

"I would like to be student board representative because it gives me the opportunity to be the voice of my peers. The kids of this district know what they need from the schools, but when they try to bring these needs to the boards attention, they are quickly shot down and dismissed. As representative I will be persistently presenting the students wants, and needs, until a change is made. Being the student representative also allows me to have insight on the future plans of the board. With this knowledge I can educate the staff and students of this district on what they should expect. I will use my platforms on social media, and in student leadership, to actively publicize the board meetings and allow kids to approach me with their ideas."

Shaun Chilton

"The reason I would like to be a student representative is because of the voice I can give to my fellow students. I have noticed that our district has many students that have concerns and comments about the changes that are being made and that need to be made, but they don't know how or can't voice them on a large scale. I want to and will be the peer that listens to their concerns and takes them to the next level. I believe that a good leader is someone who is able to represent the people they are leading and I am willing and wanting to be that person."

Sidney Pixley

"With 7 years of past committed service to student representation and government, I believe I can fulfill this position's capabilities to its fullest potential. To me there is nothing more important in an academic environment than allowing every student the right to be properly represented; their voices made to be heard and valued. In any opportunity that has presented itself to me I have done all I can to make sure this happens. What better way to do this large scale, than to be lucky enough to be given the opportunity of the Student Representative on the District Board of Trustees. This is what I do best, and ask of you the opportunity to trust in me to bring success to the position. I know how to respectfully speak my mind, take the necessary action to bring change, and do not cease until all students are regarded with validated concerns; their voices well heard. This position is especially meaningful to me. I have attended to boards meetings as a member of the public, and ran for the position last year, ending in a very close coin flip. I have been excitedly anticipating my next opportunity to offer my services to this position. I bring with me not only my experience but my motivation, passion, and drive. I can assure you, you will not harbour regret in selecting me for this position."