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Measure B Projects Completed to Date


Nevada Union High School - Don Baggett Theatre & Music/Choir Building Stucco Repair and Painting of Building, Exit/Roll-up Doors, Student Lockers and Railing 

Completed:  July 11, 2017

A construction worker working on a wall outside
The new exterior paint on the Don Baggett Theatre
The staggered paint colors on the side of the Don Baggett Theatre.

Nevada Union High School - Re-roofing of Buildings C & J (Bldg. C: Home Economics, Computer Lab, Special Education; Bldg. J: Math, Arts, Social Studies) 

Completed:  July 11, 2017

a cleanup crew scooping garbage into a large tin garbage can

  Nevada Union High School - Gas Pipeline Replacement (Facility & Water Heating) 

Completed:  August 4, 2017

Gas pipeline trenching.
Gas pipes.

 Bear River High School - Create Two Openings between the Ag. Mechanical Shop and the Woodworking Shop, Adding Fire Shutter Doors (Roll-up doors) at the Openings

Completed:  August 21, 2017 

Drywall installed for the new over the door shutters.
The new over door shutters.

  Nevada Union High School - Re-roofing of Building E , Don Baggett Theatre Complex (Bldgs. K & L)

Completed:  August 28, 2017

Construction workers putting roofing on buildings

  Nevada Union High School - Replace Football Field Artificial Turf

Completed:  October 20, 2017

New turf being laid at Nevada Union.
Arial view of the new football field.
View of the new turf on the football field.

  Replacement of Front-End Public Address System - Two Sites

- Bear River High School 

- Nevada Union High School 

Completed: October 20, 2017

Bear River High School new public address system.
Bear River High School new public address system
Nevada Union wiring for new public address system

  Addition / Replacement of Surveillance System Cameras and Associated Equipment - Three School Sites

- Bear River High School 

- Nevada Union High School 

- Silver Springs High School

Completed: 100% complete as of January 2, 2018 

New camera at Bear River
New camera at North Point
New camera at silver Springs

Nevada Union High School - Removal & Disposal of Two Decrepit Portable Buildings 

Completed:  January 3, 2018

Old portable building
Demo of a portable building
 Bear River High School -  New All-Weather Track, Site Drainage, Path of Travel & Accessibility Improvements
Bear River New All Weather Track 
Completed:  August 10, 2018 
              Bear River High School -  New Fully Automated Fire Alarm System Throughout the Campus                                
Completed:  August 10, 2018 
Nevada Union High School - Site Work -- Underground Utilities, Accessibility, Path of Travel,         Student Drop-Off, Landscape Replacement & Paving
Completed:  Oct 2018
Framing of new stairs at Nevada Union
New drop off location at Nevada Union

  Silver Springs High School - Parking Lot Paving, ADA Path of Travel Improvements and New Courtyard

Completed:  November 11, 2018

Concrete workers.
Landscaping being done at Silver Springs.

Bear River High School - Installation of a new VRF HVAC System in Building A

Completed:  November 30, 2018

  Nevada Union High School
  Pool Building Modernization-- modernization & reconfiguration of the building's check-in area, shower areas, restrooms and locker rooms.
Completed :  May 2019

 Silver Springs High School - Campus Exterior Painting

Completed:  October 21, 2019

Silver Springs High School - Gym Floor Replacement.    
 Completed:  December 2019
Old gym floor at Silver Springs being removed
New gym flooring being laid down
The new gym floor, before graphics

Bear River High School AG/CTE Modernization

Completed July 2021
Welding booths at Bear River High School
Bear River High School new hallway