Measure B was approved under California Proposition 39 which requires that the District establish, populate and empower an independent citizens' bond oversight committee. By California law, a school district has 60 days from the certification of the election to form the oversight committee. It must be made up of a minimum of 7 volunteer members who serve terms of two years each. Composition of the committee must include representatives from the business community, a senior citizen organization, a bona fide taxpayer organization as well as parents with children in the district. District residents may also serve as at large members. In addition, no employee or vendor of the District can be a committee member.
For Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Agendas, please view here.
The Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee:
Business Representatives:  Julie Barnum
Senior Citizen Group Representatives:  Irene Frazier
Taxpayer Organization:  Janet Blake (appointed on March 13, 2019)
Parents of Students and Active in Parent Organizations:  Andrew Wilkinson
At-Large Community Members: Heino NicolaiEva Nau
On May 1, 2017 the Bond Oversight Committee toured the Nevada Union Campus.  
Bond Oversight Committee - people standing in a group outside
They toured the Bear River campus on August 7, 2017.
Facilities & Construction Director Pointing to Fire Shutter DoorsCBOC Members Looking at Courtyard Where Underground Hydronic Piping Passes Through
They toured the Nevada Union campus projects on May 6 and August 5, 2019.
Two CitizensCBOC Members Touring NU Site Work
CBOC Members Viewing Underground Site Work

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