BEAR RIVER HIGH SCHOOL - Beginning March 26, 2018
New Fire Alarm System

During Spring Break (March 26-30, 2018), crews will be working during the day on testing and installing the cabling for the new Fully-Addressable Fire Alarm System--the system will "tell" first responders where the fire/smoke is located--no guessing required.  After Spring Break, and prior to the end of school, workers will be at the school after hours to continue their work. 

Beginning June 11th, workers will be back on a "normal" daytime work schedule, and the "old" system will be dismantled in preparation for installation of the new system. We anticipate testing of the new system to take place in July, so noise may be an issue for nearby residents. Testing and installation will be completed prior to the resumption of classes in August 2018.

New 8-Lane, All-Weather Track
During Spring Break, the contractor will begin moving its equipment into place and will remove the current decomposed granite track and undertake other site work demolition required to support the new track installation.  Construction work will also correct long-time drainage issues on the current track & field.    
Preparation work for the track is very exacting, and safety is paramount.  To ensure timely completion of the track installation prior to the start of next year’s fall sports, the entire track and field area will be closed to student and public use effective March 26, 2018 until work is completed.   We greatly appreciate your cooperation, understanding and support in improving Bear River High School facilities. 
New Heating and Cooling System for Bldg. "A"
Starting on June 11, 2018 will be installation of a new heating & cooling system in Building “A.”  This project won’t be completed prior to the start of school, requiring some of our employees and students to shift spaces for a bit, but its impact will be limited.
Please address any questions to Paul Palmer, Director of Planning and Construction, at 530-273-3351 x227.