Location:  Nevada Union High School

Description:  Pool Building Modernization--entire modernization & reconfiguration of the building's check-in area, shower areas, restrooms and locker rooms. 

Removal and replacement of existing boiler and associated equipment.   

Construct ADA path of travel pool house to Ridge Road.   

Contractor:  McCuen Construction, Inc.

Start Date:  January 7, 2019 Completion Date:  May 2019

Pool Facility Stakeholders Providing Input to Project Architect

Pool Facility Stakeholders Providing Input to Architect

Swimming Coaches Providing Input on Modernization Plans

Pool Building Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical Engineer Inspecting Pool Building Equipment

Kendrick Boiler Works Inspecting Pool Building Equipment

Old Pool Filter

Pool Building Shower Area

Pool Building Check-in Area

Pool Building Locker Room

Pool House Ceiling

Pool Building Deterioration