Location:  Bear River High School

Description:  New Fully Automated Fire Alarm System Throughout the Campus                                

 Contractor: Gray Electric

Start Date:  March 26, 2018 Completion Date:  August 10, 2018 (NLT)

Worker Sorting Old Fire Alarm Devices Removed from Theatre

Worker Installing Conduit Piping in Back Stage of the Theatre

Worker Installing Conduit for Fire Alarm Devices on Theatre Ceiling

Workers Connecting Wiring for the Theatre's Fire Alarm Control Panel

Workers Reviewing Construction Plans and Staging Supplies in Theatre Lobby

Pulling Wire for Fire Alarm Devices in the Theatre

Worker Checking Wiring for Fire Alarm Device Installation

McCrory Gym Fire Alarm Control Panel

Administration Building Fire Alarm Control Panel

Worker Inspecting Fire Alarm Device Wiring Above Ceiling Tiles

Worker Installing "Brains" of the Administration Building Fire Alarm Control Panel

Worker Hanging Fire Alarm Device in the Library

Project Team Members Review Construction Progress and Discuss Specific Requirements

Cabinet for Local Operator Console

Workers Preparing Fire Alarm System Local Operator Console for Installation

Worker Preparing Fire Alarm Device Hangers for Installation

Worker Installing Smoke Detector in the Weight Room

Smoke Detector Installed in the Weight Room

Fire Alarm Plans & Specifications

Worker Preparing to Drill Hole in the Ceiling of a Storage Area in the Small Gym

Project Architect and Fire Marshal Discussing Proposed Location of Local Operator Console in the Library

Worker Touching-up Paint on McCrory Gym Beam After Conduit Installation

Worker Installing Fire Alarm Conduit on McCrory Gym Beam

Fire Alarm System Conduit Installed Between Buildings

Several Workers Preparing Areas to Hang Fire Alarm Devices

Fire Alarm Device Hangers Awaiting Installation

Curious Swallow

Fire Alarm System Heat Detectors

Fire Alarm System Warning Strobe

Workers Installing Equipment Hangers

Worker Installing Equipment Hanger

Ceiling tile Removed to Gain Access for Equipment Installation

Workers Reviewing Construction Plans

Worker Cutting Concrete for Underground Conduit Installation

Workers Updating District Staff on Project

Workers Installing Conduit

Workers Reviewing Plans

Workers on Scissor Lift to Install Conduit

Image of Fire Alarm Control Panel - Not Installed

Fire Alarm Pull Station

Prospective Bidders Discussing Project with Project Architect and Electrician

Prospective Bidders Taking Notes and Inspecting the Site

Prospective Bidders Looking Inside the Theatre

Project Electrical Designer and Fire Alarm Installer Discussing the Project

Gray Electric Truck and Conex

KS Telecom Worker Trucks