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What’s Up? Wellness Checkups Coming to Your School!

“We have routine screening for vision and hearing – why not for mental health?”

Sponsored by the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department and the Nevada Joint Union High School District Student Assistance Program (SAP), What’s Up? Wellness Checkupsemotional health teen screenings are being offered throughout the year. 
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card header iconWhat is What’s Up?

What’s Up? Wellness Checkups is based on Columbia University's Teen Screen program, now administered by Stanford University, which screens high school students for suicide risk, depression, substance abuse and other emotional health challenges. In such a critical time as adolescence, we hope to provide initial prevention and support to those students who need it.

card header iconHow does it work in the schools?

Parent consents are sent out to all incoming 9th grade students in the district in their enrollment packets.  Screens are open to any other grade students upon recommendation and parent consent.  There are two primary screening staff, Shellee Ann Sepko, LMFT & Jen Rhi Winders, MSW as well as trained volunteers who assist with the program.

card header iconWhat services does it provide?

The What’s Up? Wellness Checkup starts with a screen, which is a one-time meeting that can take between 15 to 45 minutes. It includes a computerized questionnaire and a follow-up interview with What’s Up?staff to provide support, and if needed, referrals for further help.

For those students whose screen indicates the need for further support, What’s Up? staff will notify parents and work to help families identify services that will best meet their teens needs. What’s Up? also will provide time limited casemanagement services to ensure a successful treatment connection. 

card header iconHow can I be sure my student gets screened?

Parent consent forms are required with downloadable versions available at  Incoming 9th graders families should have received a consent form in their enrollment packets in the Spring. Screening takes place throughout the semester. We encourage students to return consents to the front desk or their school counselor if they have not been mailed to their school or NJUHSD district office. We accept consents throughout the semester.

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Can I get in touch with someone about the program?

For information on school assistance programs or finding more support for your teens, contact Julianne Henry at 530.273.4431 ext. 2034.

Contact What’s Up Wellness Checkups at 268-5854/ or visit

And please visit our Facebook page at

Thank you for ensuring the health and happiness of our

community’s youth!