The many facilities of the Nevada Joint Union High School District are available for the community to rent for performances, sports events, club meetings, and more.

If your community organization is interested in renting a facility please use  FMX for facility requests.  

Direct cost fees are charged to non-profit and organizations directly benefiting students.  Fair rental value is assessed for events charging admission and net receipts are not expended for charitable purposes or for the welfare of students. Please see fee schedule "link to fee schedule" and "link to board policy" for more information. If you will need technology help, please complete the "link for technology help form" here.


If you have questions feel free to contact the specific sites:

Bear River High School
Missy Lorenzo
Phone: 530.268.3700 x 4822
Fax:  530.268.8372
Email Missy Lorenzo

Silver Springs High School
Jennifer Thompson
Phone: 530272.2635 x 2600
Fax:  530.272.8564
Email Jennifer Thompson
Nevada Union High School
Suzanne Bernadett
Phone: 530.273.4431 x 2017
Email Suzanne Bernadett

District and Billing Information
Phone: 530.273.3351 x 3202
Fax:  530.273.3372