Thank you note

Congratulations!  You have been awarded a scholarship or award. 

Next step:  You have been asked to write a thank you letter to the donor or representative of the scholarship you were awarded this year. It is important to send thank you letters in a timely manner for various reasons.  One reason is to let them know how their gift impacted your, the recipient’s, life.  Another reason is that a donor is more likely to continue awarding or even increase their scholarship awards when they know they are making a difference and are appreciated.  Remember, your scholarship was available to you most likely because someone in the past followed through with writing a thank you.

The contact names for the scholarship(s) you’ve received are indicated on your award letter.  If your scholarship has more than one contact responsible for the scholarship, or if you have received more than one scholarship that requires a thank you letter, you may use the same letter for each individual, remembering to change the salutation at the beginning and the name of the scholarship in the text of the letter.  Please check your spelling and grammar!   Remember this is a reflection on you and will stand to confirm that they, the donor, made a wise choice.

Mail the letter to the address that is on the awards letter.  IF THE ADDRESS ON THE AWARDS LETTER IS THAT OF THE DISTRICT OFFICE, PLEASE TURN IN EACH COMPLETED LETTER IN AN UNSEALED STAMPED ENVELOPE TO KIMALA DESENA AT THE DISTRICT OFFICE.  She will forward the thank you to the appropriate donor.  DO NOT MAIL IT TO THE OFFICE, unless it is in a larger envelope with the your award form and enrollment verification paperwork.  Your thank you notes needs to be ready for Kimala to put in the mail on your behalf with a stamp already on it, ready to go!  
An animated picture of a pen signing the bottom of a page 
Please follow the guidelines below when writing your letter:

**Date your letter.

**Include your return address.  They may want or need to contact you.

**Your letter should be typed or legibly hand-written on 1 page of letter-sized paper or on a thank you card.

**Include a salutation, using the donor's formal name (i.e. Mr., Ms., Dr.,    etc.)  If you don’t know their name, use the scholarship name plus the word “donor”  (i.e. Blood Drive – Dear Blood Drive Scholarship Donor:)

**In the first paragraph, thank the donor and include the entire proper name of the scholarship you’ve received.

**In the next two or three paragraphs, tell the donor about your interests and activities, your experiences in high school, and any future plans (for the summer or for beyond your time at college/university/trade school).

**Remember to thank the donor and explain why their assistance means so much to you.

**Don't forget to sign your name at the end.