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U. S. Senator Kamala Harris Academy Nominations Information

U. S. Senator Dianne Feinstein Academy Nomination Information and forms located here

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Congressional Nomination information for the Military Academies for 1st District including timeline.

Congressional Nomination information for the Military Academies for 3rd District

Congressional Nomination information for the Military Academies for 4th District

Vice-Presidential Nomination Information for the Military Academies

Presidential Nominations:

There are unlimited nominations, but only up to 100 appointments available annually in this category. Reserved for children of career military personnel this includes enlisted, warrant, and commissioned members of regular and reserve components who are on active duty (other than for training) and who have served continuously on active duty for at least eight years; and military retirees either living or deceased who have received retired or retainer pay. Reservists must be serving as members of reserve components and be credited with at least eight years of service computed under section 12733 of Title 10 (at least 2880 points); or would be, or who died while they would have been entitled to retired pay under chapter 1223 of Title 10 except for not having attained 60 years of age. For adopted children, the adoption proceedings must have begun before their 15th birthday.
Children of Deceased or Disabled Veterans

There is no limit to nominations, but appointments authorized in this category are limited to 65 cadets at the Academy at one time. Vacancies are available for the children of deceased or 100% disabled armed forces veterans whose death or disability was determined to be service connected; or children of military personnel or federally employed civilian personnel who are in a missing or captured status. If you are eligible in this category, you will NOT be considered in the Presidential category.
Children of Military or Civilian Personnel in Missing Status

The child of a parent who is in missing status is eligible if the parent is a member of the armed services or a civilian employee in active government service who is officially carried or determined to be absent in a status of missing; missing in action; interred in a foreign country; captured, beleaguered or besieged by a hostile force; or detained in a foreign country against his or her will.
Children of Medal of Honor Recipients

Vacancies have been reserved without appointment limit for the children of Medal of Honor recipients who served in any branch of the armed forces. If pre-candidates meet the eligibility requirements and qualify on entrance requirements, they will be appointed to the Academy.

Association of Military Colleges & Schools of the United States offers a list of College Preparatory Schools, 2-year Military Colleges and 4-year Military Colleges and Universities.  These schools provide a quality education in a military environment with emphasis on strong values, leadership development, citizenship, and service to others.  While diverse, they all share a strong tradition of academic excellence and have a culture that fosters close relationships between faculty and students.  All the colleges and universities offer optional programs that could lead to a commission in the Armed Services of our country.  The two-year colleges have unique programs that offer opportunity for early commissioning in the Armed Forces.
United States Military Academies and Military Colleges to include Military Academy Prep Schools.         

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