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District Scholarship Application 2021-2022

  • The NJUHSD Scholarship Program has partnered with Going Merry to host our local scholarships and offer you national scholarships. 
  • Below is a link to Going Merry and the "How To" information.  We will be meeting in class to build your profiles.  There will also be evening and weekend workshops available.  
  • Going Merry Link:
2021-2022 Student Writing Responses: These writing responses are to be copied and pasted in to each scholarship application.  Each scholarship application has 4 questions, which are the 4 writing responses.  
Helpful Tools-

How to Apply for NJUHSD Scholarships:

  • Create a Go Merry account/profile by visiting (check out the "How To" information first, located above)
  • Create an account using your personal email address-not your school email address and make it appropriate
  • Complete your Student Responses (all 4 are required, see above link)
  • Identify 2 individuals who can write you a letter of recommendation.  
  • Complete any additional information needed  Some scholarship applications require additional pages, essays, art submissions, etc. as required for those scholarships that ask for them and upload them to your Go Merry account.  Please upload these documents to your Go Merry profile in your "Documents" folder.  Label file with scholarship name.  

FAFSA Made Easier by Going Merry:

Below is information on how to connect your IRS information with your FAFSA using the Going Merry program.

In order to connect to the IRS DRT: 
  • A student’s FAFSA must be successfully “processed” (it takes 1-3 days after submitting for the FAFSA to be processed)
  • A student must have access to their parent’s FSA ID and password
  • A student must have access to their parent’s 2020 tax returns, to double-check exact spelling of things when connecting to the IRS
  • Click here for a tutorial:

How to download your FAFSA SAR and upload it to your Going Merry account:

  • Once you have completed your FAFSA and submitted it through the government site you will need to download your SAR (Student Aid Report).  
  • Login to the government FSA site
  • Select the option to "VIEW/PRINT SAR Report" (this is about mid way down on the page once you login)
  • Select PRINT SAR 
  • In the print menu, there is a drop down box labeled "Source or Destination"-click on this and select SAVE AS A PDF
  • This will allow you to download this document to any device
  • Then login to your Going Merry account and go to your DOCUMENTS section
  • Select UPLOAD and follow traditional upload practices to save this report to your DOCUMENTS section of your Going Merry account.  You will need to attach this to scholarships you are applying to. 

NJUHSD Scholarship Applications Are Due:

TBD for the class of 2022