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A Planning guide for NJUHSD students and families

The NJUHSD college and career planning guide has been created for you by your NJUHSD counselors!

Resources are updated weekly to assist in guiding all NJUHSD students and families to and through high school and on to a well-informed post-secondary plan. Post-secondary education refers to any schooling or training after a student has completed his or her high school diploma. When your counselors use the word "college," they mean post-secondary education. This is a broad phrase and in this usage, college is for ALL. NJUHSD counselors believe all students deserve a post-secondary plan. Check out this comprehensive guide by clicking on the button below. 
The NJUHSD counselors have guides for each of the three counseling domains (standards):  Academic Achievement, College & Career Readiness (CCR), and Social-Emotional Support. 
The Academic Planning Guide supports the Academic Achievement domain.
This  NJUHSD College and Career Planning Guide supports the College & Career Domain.
The NJUHSD Wellness Guide supports the Social-Emotional Domain.