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Health Science and Medical Technology Pathway Description

Nevada Union High School

Patient CareStudents participating in the Sports Medicine and Patient Care Pathways will be prepared with the concepts and skills needed toward becoming competent and productive health care workers. Within these pathways, students learn to translate real-life situations into a caring, confidential, and safe medical environment.  Starting with building background knowledge into medical careers and medical terminology, students will be able to choose their course of studies of progressing towards sports medicine or generalized healthcare, each with specialized internship opportunities.

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Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Pathway:  Students enrolled in Sports Medicine 1-2 will concentrate on prevention and care of athletic related injuries. Students will take what they learned in Sports Medicine 1-1 and delve into a more in depth look into the body and the injuries and illnesses that occur due to athletic activity. Students will have the opportunity to intern in various sports on the NU campus in a shadowing capacity with the possibility of actual hands on experiences.

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Patient Care

In the Skills for Health Careers pathway, students will be introduced to the standards for the Patient Care pathway apply to occupations or functions involved in the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions. The standards specify the knowledge and skills needed by professional and technical personnel pursuing careers in this pathway.
Sample occupations associated with this pathway:
  • Nurse
  • Medical or Nurse’s Assistants
  • Physician
  • Radiologist
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