CTE- Agriculture- Ornamental Horticulture
Nevada Union High School
The Ornamental Horticulture pathway prepares students for careers in the nursery, landscaping, and floral industries. Topics include plant identification, plant physiology, soil science, plant reproduction, nursery production, and floriculture, as well as landscaping design, installation, and maintenance.
Sample occupations associated with this pathway:
  • Florist/Floral Designer
  • Landscape Design/Architect
  • Hydroponics Grower
  • Botanical Specialist
  • Nursery/Greenhouse Manager 

CTE Career Pathway: Ornamental Horticulture

Course I

Course II

Course(s) III & IV

Forestry & Natural Resources
#7100 (Intro)

Ag Environmental Horticulture Science
#7161 (concentrator)

Greenhouse & Nursery Management and/or Internship
#7162 (capstone/repeat credit)

* Receives CSU/UC, A-G credit
+ College Credit Option

Forestry and Natural Resources

  • Grade Levels: 10-12
  • Repetitions for Credit: No
  • Prerequisites: An interest in agriculture
  • Graduation Credit: NJUHSD Physical Science Credit
  • *CSU/UC Credit “G” College Prep Elective Credit
In this course students become more aware of our forests and natural resources. Students will understand the complexity of the forest and the role man must take to wisely use this resource to our benefit without disrupting natural processes or wildlife. This course will explore evolvement in the forest, forest types and distribution, employment opportunities, basic plant science, plant taxonomy, soils, forest management practices, and a fieldwork component which may include: timber stand improvement, recreation management and wildlife study.

Agriculture Environmental Horticulture Science

  • Grade Levels: 9-12
  • Repetitions for Credit: No
  • Prerequisites: An interest in agriculture
  • Graduation Credit: NJUHSD Life Science Credit
  • *CSU/UC “G” College Prep Elective Credit
Horticulture offers hands-on experience in many areas of plant science. Students learn basic horticultural plant structures and functions, propagation methods, growing media and fertilizers, landscaping and pruning. Students gain an understanding of plant classification, anatomy, production and utilization, the study of plant diseases, their causes, nature and control, as well as pathogen biology are examined. Units in this course will also cover turf grass management, landscape design and irrigation systems. Students will learn to utilize environmental horticulture science principles as a relevant vehicle to learn biological principles and increase their ability to think analytically, problem solve, and utilize effective research practices.

Greenhouse and Nursery Management

  • Grade Levels: 11-12
  • Repetitions for Credit: No
  • Prerequisites: Ag Environmental Horticulture Science
  • Graduation Credit: NJUHSD Life Science Credit
  • *Pending CSU/UC “G” College Prep Elective Credit
An advanced class in ornamental horticulture. Students learn and apply skills in both operating and maintaining environments for correct plant growth. Labs and activities will have an emphasis on plant identification and control of agriculture pests and weed control, plant environments, soils medias, plant growth, plant propagation, transplanting and merchandising of ornamental plants. In addition, purchasing and inventory control, and safe use of nursery materials, supplies and equipment. Learners will also gain experience through leadership development, SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience) projects, and career exploration in the area of Horticulture/ Natural Resource Management.


General Courses of Study


(Opportunities directly out of high school)
Occupations in Pathway

Regional Employment

Weiss Landscaping
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Weiss Bros. Nursery

Regional Employment

Weiss Landscaping
Nevada County Fairgrounds
Weiss Bros. Nursery

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

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