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Reflection 2020

Reflection magazineThe 1st edition of the Nevada Joint Union High School District’s literary magazine Reflection was printed in April of 2020. The theme was “Journey,” which is meant to represent how we have grown and changed throughout high school. Reflection was created with the help of Advisors Christina and Noah Levinson. Sonora Slater (12) was the Editor-in-Chief. Sebastian Carranza (12) was the Production Manager. Emily Adamson (11) was the Art Director. Maddie Meilinger (11) was the Photo Editor.
Reflection staff 2020The “Word Team” included Grace Billingsley (12), Lydia Fuller-Hall (12), Catherine Desplancke (12), Macey Fowler (11), Annabelle Owyoung (11), Erynn Burcham (9), and Gage Carranza (9). The “Visual Team” included Maddie Pratt (11), Olivia Lyman (11), Makenna Hensley (10), Mariah Crandall (10), Maya Bussinger (9), Maddie Mattson (9), Jamey Slater (9), Zack DeCicco (9), Charlotte Murphy (9), Kaia Kothe (9), and Genevieve Chavez (9).
We would like to give a special thanks to Scott Conley and Nathalia Carroll at The Union.
This magazine has an 8.375 x 10.875 trim size, with a 9 PT# gloss cover, including a metallic foil and 68 pages. The body of the magazine was a 60# gloss text and was finished with a perfect bind. The cover was designed by Emily Adamson.

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In The Media

Elly Award 2019
Elly Awarded to Bear River Teacher

Publication: South County Scene, December 2019
Erin Beatie received the Elly for her Lighting Design in James and the Giant Peach.
Article by Scout, The Current, BRHS

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Watch videos from the CTE Pathways from BRHS, NUHS and other videos of interest. COMING SOON

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In The Media - The Union

Industry Worthy Facilities to Benefit Nevada County Students
News | November 26, 2020 | Submitted to The Union
Career Education Program Adapts to Meet Needs of Students”
News | June 4, 2020 | Walter Ford, The Union
Career Technical Education Programs Receive Over Half a Million Dollars in Grant Money
Education | March 15, 2020 | Sam Corey