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Career Exploration

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North Far North - California’s Strong Workforce Program (SWP) North Far North Labor Market Information

California's Strong Workforce Program (SWP) is an initiative that began in 2016 to expand career technical education (CTE) programs in the state's community colleges to provide more middle-skilled workers in response to industry demands by delivering programs that build knowledge and skills required by our local employers. The objective is to provide more and better CTE — increasing the number of students enrolled in programs leading to high-demand, high-wage jobs and improving program quality.
North Far North Economic Updates: Center of Excellence regional resources

Nevada County Workforce Profile

This report incorporates common measures for analyzing regional economic and workforce needs including population and demographics, commuting and migration patterns, industry sectors, occupations, and educational and training assets.


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Internship and Work Based Learning

It is best to start with your CTE capstone course teacher, however, NJUHSD’s Internship Coordinator Kelsey Langel - klangel@njuhsd.com.
Internships and Scholarships
NJUHSD encourages all CTE capstone students to participate in an onsite or offsite internship or work based learning experience.  An internship is the culmination of a student’s college and career readiness experience. Internships deepen a student’s understanding of the environment, expectations, and requirements of the workplace, professions and industries. Internships allow students to take an up-close look at what a “real job” is like and how the skills they learn in school can be put into action in the workplace.
Internships may occur during a student’s junior or senior year or during the summer between a student’s junior and senior year in high school. Internships may be paid or un-paid work-based learning experiences with direct supervision and evaluation by an adult in the workplace. Each intern will have a written individualized training plan connected to targeted outcomes. Paid internships allow students to boost their confidence and motivation, practice positive work habits, learn about personal finances, and understand the value of financial independence.


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Scholarships available are open to any student attending a Nevada Joint Union High School District High School and who meet the scholarship's criteria. The scholarship information changes frequently, contact Linda Melugin, NJUHSD Scholarship Coordinator, for updated information or with any questions you may have.
Information available includes, announcements, financial aid, district and regional scholarships, donors, and much more.


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CollNJUHSDege and Career Readiness

NJUHSD NJUHSD's College & Career Planning Guide has been created for you by your NJUHSD counselors! Resources are updated weekly to assist in guiding all NJUHSD students and families to and through high school and on to a well-informed post-secondary plan. Post-secondary education refers to any schooling or training after a student has completed his or her high school diploma. When your counselors use the word "college," they mean post-secondary education. This is a broad phrase and in this usage, college is for ALL. NJUHSD counselors believe all students deserve a post-secondary plan. 
There are many community college courses to choose from. The following Concurrent Enrollment Guides (CE Guides) can help students narrow down the courses they would like to take. The guides will explain which community college courses will fulfill certain high school graduation requirements. High school counselors are always available to help guide students through the concurrent enrollment process.

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High School and Beyond

College and Career Readiness (CCR) provides information about what it means to be college and career-ready - one of those is high school diploma plus CTE Completion. 

Click here to download the CCR chart above (pdf).

For more information contact Karla Aaron, NJUHSD Counselor, Nevada County Adult Education North Point Academy at kaaron@njuhsd.com, Google Voice # Call or Text (530) 205-3722

VIDEO: NJUHSD High School and Beyond. May 2020-A Caregiver's Guide to High School and Beyond Narrated by NJUHSD Counselor Cindy Henry Grimm.  Created by NJUHSD Counselors Cindy Henry Grimm and Karla Aaron.

Some of the links referred to in the video below:

College and Career Readiness Chart

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