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Arts, Media & Entertainment Pathways

Arts, Media and Entertainment Pathway - NUHS

Bear River High School Ag Animal Science pathwayOf all the career industries, the Arts, Media and Entertainment sector requires perhaps the greatest cross-disciplinary interaction because the work in this sector has a propensity to be largely project-based, requiring both independent work and interdependent management skills for career success. New technologies are also constantly reshaping the boundaries and skill sets of many arts career pathways. Consequently, core arts-sector occupations demand constantly varying combinations of artistic imagination, metaphoric representation, symbolic connections, and technical skills. Successful career preparation involves both broad and indepth academic and technical preparation as well as the cultivation of twenty-first-century skill assets, such as flexibility, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal skills. Careers in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector fall into four general pathways: Design, Visual and Media Arts; Performing Arts; Production and Managerial Arts; and Game Design and Integration. The anchor and pathway standards make explicit the appropriate knowledge, skills and practical experience students should have in order to pursue their chosen profession, whether that profession requires postsecondary education, graduate training or apprenticeship. Learning the skills and knowledge for creating, refining and sharing work in the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry sector promotes teamwork, communication, creative thinking and decision-making abilities — traits that are necessary to function successfully in the competitive and media-rich twenty-first century. Through the manipulation of sight, sound and motion, those choosing a pathway from this sector reach out in unique ways to enhance the quality of life for those around them.

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Visual / Commercial

The Visual / Commercial Arts pathways include classes that focus on the production of three separate media products for Bear River High School and the greater community: a student news website, a literary magazine and a yearbook. All classes operate in a deadline environment and offer valuable editorship opportunities. Writers, graphic designers, photographers, and other digital media-minded students are welcome.
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Graphic Design

Digital Design is a graphic design class that fulfills dual enrollment requirements with Sierra College.  This class teaches the art of visual communication through typography, color and imagery.
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Stage Technology

Technical Theatre: A hands-on course that not only teaches students what happens behind the scenes for productions and events, but also provides many opportunities to create/design/work shows on campus. Learn lighting, sound, set, scenic painting, marketing, theatrical design, and more!
Students who chose to take Technical Theatre 2a will have opportunities such as
  • Production Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Stage Manager
  • Lighting Department Manager
  • Director of Projection and Multi-Media
  •  More
 Students who chose to take Technical Theatre 2b with have opportunities such as
  • Artistic Director
  • Set Designer
  • Scenic Charge
  • Lighting
  • Sound Designer
  • More
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