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CTE- Agriculture PathwayAgriculture Pathway Description

CTE- Agriculture Business

Bear River High School Ag Animal Science pathwayStudents enrolled in Agriculture Pathways will be engaged in agriscience curriculum. There is also the opportunity to be involved in student leadership and community service activities through the Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization on sectional, regional, state and national levels.
As students progress through the advanced offerings in the program, they will participate in career exploration, project development and marketing which can even include apprenticeships with local businesses.
Occupational experiences include small and large animal Nevada County Fair projects and extensive work experience projects. The course sequences provide an academic schedule for college bound students yet maintains flexibility for those students wishing to continue their education at a community college or technical school.
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Ag Mechanics

The Agriculture Mechanics pathway prepares students for careers related to the construction, operation, and maintenance of equipment used by the agriculture industry. Basic agricultural mechanics skills and safety, standards B1.0 through B8.0, cover woodworking, electrical systems, plumbing, cold metal work, concrete, and welding technology. Advanced topics, standards B9.0 through B12.0, deal with metal fabrication, small engines, agriculture power and technology, and agriculture construction.
Sample occupations associated with this pathway:
  • Agriculture Equipment Operator
  • Farm Equipment Mechanic and Service Technician
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Welder
  • Equipment Fabricator
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Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture Pathway helps students acquire a broad understanding of a variety of agricultural areas, develop an awareness of the many career opportunities in agriculture, participate in occupationally relevant experiences, and work cooperatively with a group to develop and expand leadership abilities. Students study California agriculture, sustainability, agricultural business, agricultural technologies, natural resources, and animal, plant, and soil sciences. 
Sample occupations associated with this pathway:
  • Research Assistant/Associate
  • Water Quality Specialist
  • Plant Scientist,
  • Agriscience Teacher
  • Entomologist
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Animal Science

Students enrolled in the Animal Science pathway will explore the necessary elements, such as diet, genetics, habitat, and behavior, to create humane, ecologically, and economically sustainable animal production systems.
The pathway includes the study of
  • animal anatomy and physiology
  • nutrition
  • reproduction
  • genetics,
  • health and welfare
  • animal production
  • technology
  • the management and processing of animal products and by-products.
Some educational elements of this pathway will be hosted at NJUHSD’s Ranch and learning lab.
Sample occupations associated with this pathway:
  • Veterinarian Technician
  • Animal Caretaker/Kennel Operator
  • Animal Breeder
  • Ranch Manager
  • Feed Nutritionist
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CTE Pathway - Agriculture including Ag Business, Agriscience, Ag Mechanics and Sustainable Agriculture
CTE- Agriculture Pathway
CTE- Agriculture Pathway
CTE- Agriculture Pathway

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