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For a quick video on Plans for after High School, click on You Tube at right.  
College Admissions Officers are reading your TWEETS.  Check this article.
Auburn Aviation Association Student Pilot Scholarship 2017 2018 
Auburn Aviation Association is offering 2 $2,500 Scholarships to students in Auburn and the surrounding area to expose them to general aviation. Must be 16 by March 1.  Deadline extended to April 7, 2018
ELKS CLUB VOCATIONAL GRANT:  55 renewable Grants of $1,000 each for student pursuing a technical or vocational education, one or two years, culminating in an associate degree or certificate.  Submit completed application to Barbara Ross.  Due within 3 months from time you downloaded the application.

PINE CONE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP:  Awards multi-year scholarships to financially-disadvantaged students with documented learning disabilities (ADHD alone is not considered to be a learning disability) across the state of California who aspires to attend community college.  Once awarded a PCF scholarship, it’s a year-round support program that can total up to $5,500 over a 3-year period.  Must have a documented learning disability, be a graduating high school senior, demonstrate financial need (Board of Governor Fee Waiver approved), must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, be a U. S. citizen and California resident, and enroll at a CA community college by August following your high school graduation and enrolling in at least 8 credits.  Application online at  Due April 14, 2018

 SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW is accepting entries for their annual College Essay Contest, open to graduating seniors.  Seniors graduating in 2018 may submit one entry of a 650-word essay to with the subject line, “College Essay Contest.” The essay may be submitted as a Word document, PDF attachment or in the body of the email. First prize is $2,000, second prize is $1,000 and third prize is $500.  The three winning essays will be published in a cover story in SN&R on May 31. The winners and their parents will also be invited to a ceremony to receive their awards.  DUE Friday, May 11, 2018 by 5 p.m.
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