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College Admissions Officers are reading your TWEETS.  Check this article.
CALIFORNIA NEW CAR DEALERS SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION:  Open to graduating high school seniors who intend to pursue a career at a California franchised new car dealership, maintain part-time status of 6 units each term, maintain a gpa of 2.5.  Criteria considered are students who demonstrate outstanding scholastic ability, character, and the potential to make meaningful contributions to their communities, and who are genuinely interested in pursuing studies related to the sales and service of new vehicles.  Due July 1, 2018 
ELKS CLUB VOCATIONAL GRANT:  55 renewable Grants of $1,000 each for student pursuing a technical or vocational education, one or two years, culminating in an associate degree or certificate.  Submit completed application to Barbara Ross.  Due within 3 months from time you downloaded the application.

LEADERSHIP INITIATIVES offers three 7-day summer programs at Georgetown University:

  Law - students will be actually working on 2 real cases and have an opportunity to provide the attorney's material and to speak with the professional attorneys as well as professors.  Students also are given the opportunity for a ride-along in a police car.                                                                                                                                                                        Medical - at the end of the program, students will be working with a team in Nigeria where the Nigerian team will be wearing Google Glasses and attendees will be wearing virtual reality goggles.  Doctors in Nigeria will be performing a simple operation on an actual patient and students will be conducting the procedures.  The students will be certified in first aid, CPR and AED.                                                                                                                                                                    Leadership Program (exclusively) - here students will be working with businesses in Nigeria and helping them improve their business and solving issues that arise in their business.  

This program is open to freshmen through seniors.  In all these programs, students will be working with professionals in their respective fields.  They will visit Washington, DC. to locations that relate to their program as well as requested sites by the students.  There are various dates for the program during the summer and the cost is around $2,850 which includes everything except transportation to and from Georgetown.  This year a $700 scholarship is available through Benjamin Fogiel for any of the 3 above programs.  As an attendee of any of these programs, you receive college application training from admission  experts.  You also receive free of cost one year of SAT and ACT training.  You also receive editing services for up to 5 college essays as well as 2 letters of recommendation from professional mentors and/or Leadership Initiative Directors.    
Redfin is excited to re-open our $2,500 scholarship for another round of applications!  Open to graduating high school seniors.  Submit a 300 to 500 word answer to the prompt on the website:  "How do you think Gen Z and Millennials are changing the real estate industry?  What do these generations value in housing that previous generations may not have?"  Due July 31, 2018 
Rising Senior Workshop:  Open to parents and students who attend a Nevada Joint Union High School District high school and will be a senior this fall.  Barbara Ross will give you tips and information regarding scholarships and financial aid and what you may do this summer to prepare for a successful year.  This will be held in the NU Science Lecture Hall from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm on June 19.   
Sierra College Free Tuition:  Sierra College is offering free tuition for your first year of college. There is no income requirement.  You must file a FAFSA or Dream Act.  You need to be a first-time student (earned less than 6 college units - college classes taken while in high school don't count) and enroll full-time (30 total units in an academic year).  You may still see a balance due in your mySierra account until the start of the semester. 
Village Health Care Scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors who are pursuing a health related degree program.  Submit an online application and an essay to be considered for this $1,000 scholarship.  No purchase is required to apply.  Due June 30, 2018 
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