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SB 98- Supporting the Mental Health of Staff

Senate Bill (SB) 98 is an education omnibus trailer bill to the 2020 Budget Act which was signed into law on June 29, 2020. SB 98 adds Education Code section 43509 and one of several provisions contained in SB 98 requires LEAs to adopt a learning continuity and attendance plan that addresses each school within the LEA. This plan, among other things, must include the following:
  • A description of how the LEA will monitor and support the mental health and social and emotional well-being of pupils and staff during the school year.
  • The description may include any professional development and resources that will be provided to pupils and staff to address trauma and other impacts of COVID-19 on the school community.

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NJUHSD Mental Health Task Force

A subcommittee for NJUSHD is deep into the work of creating a roadmap for SEL for all students and all staff. The district is committed to the mental health and well-being of its students, staff, and community. Resources, findings, and the SEL roadmap will be shared widely when complete. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)