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 With our move to Chrome devices,  we are transitioning to Schoology as a Learning Management System (LMS).  Schoology will provide a one-stop place for you to keep track of your student’s calendar, projects, assignments and day-to-day activities. Schoology allows teachers to manage their digital curriculum and interact with students in the digital world.  

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Schoology requires parents to log-in to see this information.  We would recommend families bookmark and save their passwords to the Schoology site in their web browser so they are not prompted to login each time. To log-in to your student’s account, go to the following address:  You will use your Family Access Username and Password.  Please click on this link for an extensive Schoology Parent Guide.

 Options to access your account:

  1. Get an email summary.  Login to your account.  Click on the down arrow next to your name on the top right and select your child.  Click on the down arrow again and select Notifications. Click on Email Summary and select On.  Select when and how often you would like to receive an email about your student’s account activity. Use this link for specifics.
  2. Download a smart phone app. Parents and students can download the free Schoology app for their smart phone. Schoology’s free mobile app is available for Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire mobile devices.  After downloading the app, you can sign-in to your account and have all your student’s information on your phone. 
  3. Regular computer use.  Parents can sign-in to their accounts and use their desktop or laptop to regularly check their student’s progress.

If you have any questions about your Schoology Family Access account, please contact the NJUHSD Technology Helpdesk at 530.272.9998 or e-mail us at