card header iconSilver Springs High School Site Improvements

Location:  Silver Springs High School

Description: Site Work -- Paving & Path of Travel Improvements / New Courtyard & Lighting

Contractor: Western Engineering Contractors, Inc.

Start Date:  May 9, 2018 Completion Date:  August 2018

Project Construction Plans and Specifications

Construction Team Meeting Attendees Discussion Construction Drawings

Discussion of Ramp Constructed Over Previous Sidewalk and Slope

Project Team Meeting Attendees Discussing and Measuring Ramp

Tractor Operator Stockpiling Soil for Reuse

Worker Operating Excavator to Remove Retaining Wall Footing

Worker Operating Excavator to Remove Tree for Replanting

Worker Operating Excavator to Remove Rock Wall

Worker Operating Excavator to Remove Old Mailbox

Old Brick From Original Building (Grass Valley HS) Exposed

Workers Sawcutting Concrete for Removal

Worker Operating Excavator Using a Strap to Extract the Picnic Table for Reuse

Workers Hand Digging to Expose Buried Conduit

Pavement Markings for Sawcutting

Plaque Designating the School as Grass Valley High School in1939

Civil Engineer and Architect Explaining Aspects of the Project to Prospective Bidders

Civil Engineer Answering Questions from Prospective Bidders

Accessible Parking on the School Site

Maintenance Yard on the School Site

View from Main Building to Shops

Project Architect Obtaining Input from Stakeholders

School Courtyard

School Entry and Courtyard