Selective Service Online Registration

Whether you apply for financial aid or not, all males, age 18, are required to register with the selective service.  If you don't check "yes" to be registered for selective service on the FAFSA form (a requirement to be eligible for financial aid),  you should do so online or by paper submission.  See the following information.

If you're a male U.S. citizen, age 18 through 25, and are living INSIDE the United States or its territories, or if you have an APO/FPO address, you can register with Selective Service by filling out the form online.

If you are an immigrant male (documented or undocumented) living in the United States, age 18 through 25, you are required to register. You may submit your registration to the Selective Service by filling out the form online.  Non-immigrant males living in the United States on a valid visa are NOT required to register.

If you are unable to register online, or you receive an error message, you will be directed to a registration form which you may print out, complete, sign, and mail to the Selective Service System.

: Now, if you are a man who is at least 17 years and 3 months old, you may complete this form to submit your registration information. The information will be held on file and processed automatically when you are within 30 days of your 18th birthday, at which time a confirmation will be mailed to you.