updated 12/19/17

The DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION is available to NJUHSD graduating seniors (and juniors graduating early).  This is a unique opportunity for our district graduating seniors as this single application accesses 149 scholarships (many of which have multiple awards making it about 350 scholarships in total).     

The DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION (found below) An animated picture of a hand pointing downward is the 2017-18 application.  Access the application by opening each page of the District Scholarship Application.  Each page is fillable and should be printed (after typing it), signed and returned to Barbara Ross in the order specified on the checklist.  With Chromebooks, please click the "print icon" and save it as a pdf file in order to be able to print the completed page.
In addition, the list of scholarships will most likely change as new scholarships are expected to be added to the list.  So please check back periodically for updates on the list of scholarships associated with the District Scholarship Application.  (When completing the district scholarship application, complete the form using the year that you are a graduating senior.  When completing financial aid for college, complete forms using the dates of the school year you will be attending college, not the school year you are a graduating senior.  This information applies to juniors graduating early as you are classified as a graduating senior for scholarship/financial aid purposes).       

Review the first section of the district scholarship packet (under links at left) to find the scholarships for which you qualify.
An animated picture of a floppy drive rotating above a plaque that says "download"  Scroll down and download each page of the District Scholarship Application, fill out, and print.  (Note:  For Mac users or those with Windows Vista operating system, copy the URL address and paste it into the URL address box.  You may also need to download Acrobat Adobe Reader.   For those of you having problems downloading a pdf, you may right click your mouse on the pdf, then "save target as" to the desktop, and then click open to access the fiile.  You may also need to click on "enable editing."  You may also need to click on "Sign" and then "Add Text.")

Submit a completed District Scholarship Application to the district scholarship coordinator by the deadline below in order to be considered for the scholarships.  Remember to check "District Scholarships Requiring Additional Forms and Essays" on the left hand menu to see if you qualify for any of these.  If you do, remember the additional paperwork must accompany the district scholarship application.  Don't forget to submit your unofficial estimated awards letter for the college/vocational school you plan on attending as well as any other scholarships you have been awarded by May 1st in order to be considered for District Scholarships on the District Scholarship Application.  

**Submit application with "NO" staples.  Use a large paper clip to keep everything in the order specified by the checklist (found below).  Applications with inappropriate language will not be accepted.
DEADLINE:A picture of a stopwatch
BEAR RIVER - JAN. 19, 2018 (Submit App in A202)


NEVADA UNION - JAN. 17, 2018 for students with last name beginning with A-L

NEVADA UNION - JAN. 18, 2018 for students with last name beginning with M-Z

(Nevada Union App Submission Location is B3A)

N. U. TECH - JAN. 18, 2018 (Submit App in B3A)




(All Alternative Schools Submission Arranged Through Barbara J. Ross)
Remember to sign and have others sign every form and letter of recommendation.An animated picture of a pen signing the bottom of a page
District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination, including harassment with respect to the student’s race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.  

card header iconDistrict Scholarship Application - Each Individual Page Below Should be Completed

Cover Letter  

Use this checklist for order of placement fn your District Scholarship Application pages. Remember to include this with the submission of your 2016-2017 District Scholarship Application.  
This form may be more easily used with google docs.  You only need one Activity Record, but both formats are available for your access choice.   
Personal Statement -12 font 
You may not use the tab key on this page. You may choose to single space, in which case, leave either a line between paragraphs or use the space bar and space in 5 to 10 spaces at the beginning of each paragraph. The personal statement must be 1 page only. Personal statements with inappropriate language will not be accepted. 
Letters of Recommendation Guide  
This guide gives you instructions and is a reminder and would be replaced by your 3 letters of recommendation upon submitting the District Scholarship Application. Don't forget to have the writers sign their letters of recommendation! 

        NJUHSD Letter of Recommendation Form for Counselors
        The student completes this form to give to their counselor to write their letter of                      
recommendation. This may be used to present to a staff person or the 2 community        
        members writing your letters of recommendation, if you have already submitted this to the staff person 
and community members.  This is the district form to be used by all NJUHSD schools.  
  The student completes this form to give to the teacher/staff person and 2 community members they are
  requesting write their letters of recommendation.  
  The student complete this form to give to the 3 people who will write their letters of 
  recommmendation.  This may be used to present to a staff person or the 2 community
members writing your letters of recommendation.   
Ghidotti Foundation Scholarship Application Page
Submit this additional page with the district scholarship application. 
pdf file: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7 or higher) to view this file. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC or Macintosh.

dot file: This is a Microsoft Word template, and you need the Microsoft Word application to view this file. To learn more about this software before purchasing it, visit the Microsoft Word website.